VIP Charter

Are you looking for the best helicopter VIP charter service in Brisbane and Sydney?  Austcopters can provide you with a VIP helicopter charter that can transport you directly to your destination efficiently and with the highest levels of comfort, privacy and safety in helicopter travel.

Our VIP helicopter charter services are ideal for VIP’s or business executives interested in saving time as well as enjoying the best corporate helicopter travel imaginable.  With Austcopters you are guaranteed expert advice to plan your trip and provide the best executive service whether you may need to transfer your client/s to an important business meeting or you simply want complete confidential helicopter travel services.

VIP CharterAt Austcopters we understand the uniqueness of our clients which is why we offer a range of exclusive helicopters, such as the Agusta AW109 Grand New, to cater for the specialised requirements demanded by VIPs or business executives. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction which is why we have a long list of satisfied customers ranging from sports personalities and musicians to corporate magnates and key politicians.

The benefits of a helicopter charter are best shown in their versatility.  Not only you will avoid delays due to traffic but will they save you valuable time in transit giving you peace of mind knowing that you will arrive on time.  As a VIP or executive you can be confident that you are getting the best safety available for air transport in our twin engine helicopters with the ability to fly in inclement weather and even at night with our highly qualified pilots.

VIP CharterAs a business executive you may need to portray the best image possible or require privacy as VIP.  These demands can both be achieved by travelling by corporate helicopter. Austcopters' VIP charters are flown by our expert pilots who have the professionalism and most importantly enthusiasm, to ensure your flight is as enjoyable as possible to you and your guests.

Focusing on the benefits of helicopter travel, it can be said there is no comparison to the benefits of travelling by helicopter.  A VIP charter in one of our corporate helicopters will provide you with the profile and best means to meet your travel requirements.  IF you expect nothing but the best and are interested in ultimate quality and service, only an Austcopters' VIP charter will do.