Helicopter Flight Theory

A comprehensive understanding of helicopter flight theory is an essential part of helicopter training.  Understanding the fundamentals of how a helicopter operates and the principles governing its flight are crucial to safely control a helicopter in any situation.

Theory training is available on either a full-time, part-time, or on a one-on-one basis, depending on your individual requirements.  The cost of completing the theory elements of your helicopter training will amount to no more than A$2000 (which includes theory books & notes, maps, Jeppersen flight computer, and CASA supervised exam sitting fees, etc.).

Helicopter Flight Theory - Subjects

The subjects covered in helicopter flight theory include topics including:

  • Helicopter Performance and Operations
  • Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems - Principles of rotary-wing flight etc.
  • Flight Planning, Rules and Procedures
  • Navigation - Systems and instruments.
  • Meteorology
  • Human Factors
  • Air Law

Helicopter Flight Theory - Examinations

To successfully complete each subject covered in the helicopter flight theory the student must pass an exam conducted by the authorised examiner, Assessment Services Pty Ltd (ASL), or via CASA's new pilot exam system - PEXO.  Successful completion of the helicopter flight theory is achieved upon passing all seven subjects within a three year period.  Exams for pilots holding a Private Pilot Licence are similar but less detailed due to credit for prior learning.

For further information on the Civil Aviation Security Authority's (CASA) helicopter training syllabus please refer to: CASA Helicopter Training Syllabus, and CASA Examination Information for helicopter flight theory examination procedures and requirements.