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New Aviation Safety Rules

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gold Coast pilots are being urged to attend an important briefing on new aviation safety rules.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is holding the briefing on the Gold Coast to make sure local pilots are aware of changes and improvements to a range of rules.

Improvements are being made to the rules covering pilot licencing, electronic flight bags, the management of fatigue, performance based navigation and flying training.

The new rules are modernised, standardised, better organised and lift safety in these key areas.

Local pilots will be shown how to access the information they need on the rule improvements, as well as how to stay up to date with regulatory change.

The briefing will explain how CASA will transition the aviation industry across to the new rules and outline the responsibilities of people and organisations during the transition.

Everyone attending the briefings will be encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback.

There will also be presentations on how pilots can find and utilise important online safety tools developed by CASA.

Pilots are encouraged to bring their tablet or smart phones to the briefing so they can directly access the online safety tools and information.

The Gold Coast briefing is being held on Thursday 8 August 2013 at 6pm at the Tugun Surf Club.

Local pilots should book their place online at: CASA AviationWorx

The briefing is free of charge.

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