Aerial Photography

Austcopters has had a long history involved with aerial photography and filming. Our skilled pilots understand the principles of obtaining the best results for aerial photography and video filming. The outcome of this is the pilot can work efficiently with the photographer to position the helicopter at the right location, angle and altitude to capture the best results.

Some of the roles and features in which helicopters demonstrate their unique advantages in photography can be seen in:

  • Real Estate Aerial Photography - Providing high angle shots encompassing all of the real estate, from any direction.
  • News and Media Photography/Filming - Rapid response and accessible to locations not easily reached.
  • Project Monitoring & Inspection - Obtain an 'overall' perspective of the project for large area projects (such as mining, farming) or building development sites.
  • Offshore monitoring & surveillance - Fast and efficient travel especially in rough seas.
  • Power-line & Pipeline Surveying - Long distance coverage over any type of terrain 

Whether you are planning just to use hand held equipment, or require gyro-stabilised mounts for your photographic or filming equipment, our Robinson 44 helicopter is a cost effective and efficient solution.  With the doors removed you will have unobstructed access to the world below to capture the perfect shots.  For more extensive photo or filming shoots the Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel will be ideal for you, providing space for up to five passengers.  Give us a call to find how competitive we are, you can provide your own photographer and equipment or we can provide one for you.