Aerial Inspection

Aerial Site Inspection

Aerial site inspection charters allow important stakeholders to view the progress of a development project.  This is typically in the building development and mining industries where clients are treated to luxurious aerial inspection in one our prestige helicopters (See our Sikorsky S-76B or Agusta AW109 Grand New).  If you need to make an impression on your client this is the perfect means to achieve that.

Clients can board the helicopter directly upon arrival at the airport then quickly chartered to the site for the aerial inspection.  This can give them the prefect view of the project as a whole and also allowing them to see features that may not otherwise be visible from the ground.  After the aerial inspection you and your clients can be deposited directly at your next destination without the need for additional transport arrangements.

The speed and convenience of helicopter travel eliminates normal time constraints and allows you more time to spend with your clients and discuss important matters.

Real Estate Inspections

Only a helicopter allows prospective buyers to quickly travel between several properties, observing the whole property and surrounds from any angle.   Real estate agents can benefit from our expertise in Aerial Photography by obtaining the best pictures of the property or premises, presented at the perfect angle which enhance its prestige and value.  Real estate aerial inspections may provide information about the features of the property that may only be visible from the air.

Aerial Inspections - Monitoring & Surveillance

Austcopters also performs safety and maintenance aerial inspections using imaging equipment or cameras for monitoring and surveillance of:

  • Oil Rigs & Refineries,
  • Chemical Plant Facilities,
  • Powerline and Pipelines,
  • Mobile Phone Antennas & Transmission Towers,
  • Environmental Studies.

Only helicopters are able to provide fast access to specific assets or facilities, covering large areas, or where other means of inspection may be otherwise inaccessible.